MEP Engineering

The proposed MEP solutions have met European and international standards. In the context of strong development of green building design and energy saving, RFR intends to continue to develop energy efficiency design for the building for Vietnam and neighboring markets.


What We Have

RFR provides traditional consulting services in the field of MEP design.

I. HVAC system design

  • Air conditioning system, humidity control and mechanical ventilation.
  • Drying and moisture treatment system in the air.
  • Evaporative cooling system.
  • Natural ventilation system and combination.
  • The system sucks exhaust fumes for the toilet, kitchen and smoke exhaust.
  • Building management system
  • Energy recovery system and control of outdoor wind supply into the system.
  • Handling sound insulation system.

II. Power system

  • Main power supply system.
  • High voltage switching system and transformer.
  • Low-voltage switch system, backup power generator.
  • Closed switchboard system, central motor control cabinet.
  • Lightning protection and grounding system.
  • Interior, exterior & special lighting systems.
  • Telephone system, including switchboard, MDF and DFS.
  • Transportation, public, background music, MATV ...
  • Security system including CCTV, Access Control, time attendance.

III. Plumbing & environmental systems

  • Rainwater drainage system.
  • Waste water drainage and treatment system.
  • Domestic water storage and treatment system.
  • Hot water distribution and distribution system.
  • Medical engineering system.
  • Medical gas system - O2, vacuum, N2O.

IV. Fire protection system

  • Technical fire safety performance.
  • Spray system and fire hose reel.
  • Automatic fire sprinkler system.
  • Automatic system and fire alarm detection.

Researching natural lighting

The building is a place to receive natural light and sunshine. The study and simulation of the construction site in specific locations and in the surrounding buildings in order to propose suitable surface solutions for the use of natural light in accordance with the purpose The use of the project is key to simulation studies and proposed solutions.


Study natural ventilation

In a building environmental issues are present everywhere: in the façade, in the structural elements, in the HVAC systems, but also in the materials used or even in how the building is maintained and managed… As part of a design team we oversee the full spectrum of issues and integrate them together. We are familiar with and can manage assessment frameworks such as LEED, BREEAM or the French HQE certification method. We also work with stringent energy standards such as Passivhaus and Minergie.


Revit MEP - Clash detection

Revit model assist client in performing clash detection during design and construction stage. Clients find value in analyzing dessigns and eliminate clash before construction. With clash detation service ( MEP) can help client save cost by reducing the number of RFI’s downstream of project.

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