RFR FV Design

Environmental engineering implies strong technical competences but also vision, a multi-disciplinary approach to design and respect for the practice of architecture. Our activity can be broken down in three complementary entities: building physics, envelope performance and environmental engineering.

Building physics is where we started from… and we always go back to it! We constantly strive to develop and improve our modelling methods and analysis skills. Solar loads, natural lighting, wind patterns, thermal comfort, natural ventilation, energy consumption and many more topics are our everyday subjects of enquiry.


In a building environmental issues are present everywhere : in the façade, in the structural elements, in the HVAC systems, but also in the materials used or even in how the building is maintained and managed… As part of a design team we oversee the full spectrum of issues and integrate them together. We are familiar with and can manage assessment frameworks such as LEED, BREEAM or the French HQE certification method. We also work with stringent energy standards such as Passivhaus and Minergie.


In modern buildings façade performance is paramount to achieve high levels of comfort and master operating costs. In partnership with RFR we provide advanced simulation and engineering to inform design decisions, balance contradictory requirements and optimize investments.